About mHealth Design Lab (MDL)

Digital Healthcare is the future.


We bring people together to codesign mHealth products to promote health equity.

The mHealth Design Lab ( MDL) is an interdisciplinary research lab using human-centered design to promote health equity. MDL is part of the Department of Digital Media Design in the School of Fine Arts at the University of Connecticut. We engage in incorporating different digital media design technologies into the human-centered design to support the development of innovative, effective, and human-centered solutions for health care; to promote human health equity and well-being.

Current Projects


Past Projects

Some of the past projects MDL has completed include:

1 CareRN

2 Maria

3 Vax4HPV

“Equity work is fundamentally quality work. A question that I recommend organizations ask themselves is how are you ensuring that your organization understands the population being served — and are you reflecting the population being served? Value-based care is not just about the metrics. It’s not just about the structure. It’s also about intention — what are you trying to achieve and how are you trying to achieve it? “

— Tosan Boyo, M.P.H.,

senior vice president of hospital operations at California-based John Muir Health.

Let’s codesign a mHealth product together.