Ting Zhou is a multi-disciplinary designer/artist specializing in UI/UX design in health care, branding design, motion graphics and photography. She has collaborated with diverse groups of faculty in science and healthcare and put her varied skills and experiences to work on an ambitious range of scholarly productions, which are expressed in formats such as scientific visualization and mobile applications design.

As a designer/artist, she has been deeply engaged to use human-centered design and other innovative strategies to strengthen the health and healthcare of underserved communities. Her design, animation, and photography projects reflect the topics of cultural identity, motherhood, feminism, issues of race and ethnicity. 

As a designer and educator, she has been thinking about how design could be more important in supporting social justice. Visual Communication design is not just a form of aesthetic power, but also a form of cultural power. She leads students to work on design for social justice and develops a series of animated posters.  

Her works have been presented at Gallery 456 in New York, the Irish Centre, Shanghai, Tsinghua University, Beijing, and Nunnery Gallery in London. Her scientific visualization works were published as a journal cover in Nanoscale and Particle